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The Spanish Data Protection Agency (“AEPD”) has launched its Guide on Data Protection and Crime Prevention, providing a set of guidelines on how to avoid falling victim to criminal behavior on the internet, and also engaging in it.

It outlines a series of practices related to THE USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET that could be considered offenses. The AEPD describes different types of behavior and the consequences arising from each of them.

Thus, the unauthorized use of an intimate photo on the internet, accessing another person’s email account or cell phone without that person’s consent, and giving third parties personal data obtained from official registries with restricted access are examples of behavior that not only infringe the privacy of the data subject, but could be considered torts of breach of confidence.

The guide also offers some useful SAFE WEB BROWSING TIPS and lists the authorities victims of data protection crimes or violations can turn to if they wish to file a complaint.

Finally, it includes an annex with regulations related to these issues, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and articles concerning the criminal code in force.

This post is also available in: esEspañol



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