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This week, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs published a new initial public consultation for a draft ministerial order establishing the regulatory bases for granting subsidies on a competitive basis to develop research and prevention activities on gambling disorders.

The public consultation was launched so that representative organizations from the sector, which may be affected by the future rule, can state their opinion on the following points:

  • The problems targeted by the initiative: according to the published consultation, the consolidation of the electronic gambling market has produced a potential risk for its users of developing gambling disorders, which can impact not only the individuals involved but also their family, social and work environments.

Consequently, it recommends setting up economic incentives to encourage research into and prevention of gambling disorders.

  • The need for and advisability of its approval: as well as these socio-economic reasons, the approval of this new regulation relates to the amendment of the Spanish Gambling Act (Ley 13/2011 de regulación del juego), approved in final provision twenty-four of Spanish General State Budget Act (Ley 11/2020) for 2021.

That amendment establishes that 25% of the revenue from the levy on gaming administrative management — 0.75 per thousand of the gross operating revenue of online gambling operators — should be allocated to developing actions to promote responsible gambling practices and mitigate the potential undesired effects that can arise from unhealthy gambling.

  • The regulation’s objectives: the subsidies that will stem from this initiative will have the following main aims:
  • First, increased scientific knowledge regarding gambling disorders and the risks associated with this activity; and
  • Second, prevention of the development of these disorders and minimization of the negative impact they can have on society.
  • The possible alternative regulatory and non-regulatory solutions: although no alternatives to the proposed regulations are offered in the consultation, the door is left open for participating stakeholders to propose potential alternatives that the regulator will take into account.

The initial consultation will be open until March 25, 2021 for stakeholders who wish to participate.

Author: Mònica Ferrer

This post is also available in: Español



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