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On October 7, 2020, the Government presented its “Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan” (the “Recovery Plan”) aimed at modernizing Spain’s economy, recovering economic growth and creating jobs. The planned policies include item 25, “Spain, Europe’s audiovisual hub,” covering various investments and reforms seeking to boost and strengthen Spain’s audiovisual industry, encouraging investment and consolidating Spain as a platform for audiovisual investments worldwide and an exporter of audiovisual products.

On March 24, 2021, in the framework of the “Digital Spain 2025 Agenda,” the Government presented its plan to boost the audiovisual industry, “Spain, Europe’s audiovisual hub,” already discussed on this blog. The plan includes €1.603 billion in public investment between 2021 and 2025 to transform Spain’s audiovisual environment as a whole, as well as to strengthen, internationalize and increase foreign investment and economic activity related to audiovisual production.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has launched a public consultation, open to all kinds of private and public entities, to receive proposals and projects from the parties concerned. This public consultation should allow the Ministry to determine which actions to implement regarding the Recovery Plan’s item “Spain, Europe’s Audiovisual Hub.” The parties concerned are requested to submit comments on the following areas:

Area 1, “Technologies,” seeking comments on:

  • New technologies enhancing companies’ competitiveness related to developments in various aspects, including (i) digital post-production; (ii) animation and videogames; (iii) the application of copyright management technologies; or (iv) automatic content labelling.
  • Innovative development of digital content, e.g., proposals supporting 5G technology projects or videogame and prototype creation projects.

Area 2, “Spaces and infrastructure for digital production,” seeking proposals on:

  • The development of new and advanced recording and audiovisual postproduction studios, since the increase in audiovisual production in Spain will require creating new modern spaces bringing together all sectors of the audiovisual industry’s value chain.
  • The development of an audiovisual content platform in Spanish.

Area 3, “Digital skills,” has more of a learning and training approach, seeking proposals and projects related to:

  • Digital skills training and professionalizing audiovisual activities, including tutoring, pilot programs and practical examples of the training provided. It is explicitly acknowledged that training in new audiovisual technologies is essential for retaining and attracting national and international talent.
  • Supporting the digital transformation of the audiovisual industry’s SMEs.

The parties concerned may also submit policy proposals or initiatives, aimed at developing Spain’s audiovisual industry, not falling under any of the previous areas (Area 4, “Additional lines”).

The parties concerned may submit their comments until May 28, 2021.

We will continue paying attention to any developments, and particularly to any actions eventually implemented to reform and strengthen Spain’s audiovisual industry.

Authors: Ainhoa Rey and Jorge Monclús

This post is also available in: Español



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