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In previous entries, we have mentioned that the fast-growing pace of influence marketing on Instagram had generated many ambiguities liable to misguide users. Both the Federal Trade Commission (USA) and the Competition & Markets Authority (UK) had already proposed measures to trace these practices to clearly reflect the advertising nature of the sponsored messages that influencers publish on their profiles on the main social media.

Aware of the potential conflicts that these kinds of advertisements can generate, Instagram has just announced the incorporation of a new feature to increase the security transparency of these practices.

Content creators on Instagram can now use a subheader that says “Paid partnership by,” followed by a tag to the sponsor or brand.

With this feature, both the content creator and the business partner will have access to the publications’ statistics, making it easier for them to observe users’ reaction to the publications.
According to Instagram, the relationships between its users are what drive its community and, therefore, it wants to establish bases for transparency on its platform in relation to sponsored content influencers publish on it.

This is, therefore, one of the first of many steps to come in this area given the fast-growing pace of influential marketing.

Authors: Cristina Olesti and Jorge Monclús

This post is also available in: Español


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