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As a result of the “Plan for Transition to a New Normal” or the “De-escalation Plan,” as it is known, development of mobile applications aiming to check compliance with measures on security, social distancing, capacity restriction and hygiene to control the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated. We are talking about applications such as those for bookings or capacity control for beaches, natural spaces, and other public places.

The AEPD has just published a series of recommendations (not exhaustive) to deploy these mobile applications at the entrance to public spaces:

This list of recommendations is added to the technical note on the duty to inform in mobile applications, in which the AEPD issued guidelines for mobile app developers and marketers. The guidelines largely focused on preparing privacy policies and underlined the need for clarity and transparency, with specific examples of what can and cannot be done.

By: Adaya María Esteban Ruiz

This post is also available in: Español



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