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Phenomena such as the massive distribution of fake news and other “post-truth” practices have become one of the main concerns of governments worldwide. Today, manipulating public opinion using electronic means to suit interests is a standard destabilization tool, and the European Commission wants to define a strategy to combat this practice. It has announced that it will adopt a plan of action to understand and combat the issue.

The latest measure it has adopted is the appointment of a group of experts to advise it on defining a strategy to react against this phenomenon. The group will help the commission to delimit the scope of the phenomenon, define the roles and responsibilities of the different agents involved in distributing this kind of content by electronic means, and formulate recommendations. The experts include journalists, news media representatives, operators of social media and other electronic platforms, and academia.

In addition to the appointment of this group, the European Commission has implemented two other measures in this area. It has started a public consultation process for all parties interested in this matter to add their comments. Two questionnaires are available: one for legal persons and journalists and one for citizens.

The commission has also announced that it will hold a conference to discuss the results of the public consultation and the group of experts’ conclusions, so as to define a definitive strategy to approach this growing problem.

This post is also available in: Español



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