Internet Day is celebrated all over the world today. It dates back to the Summit of the Information Society held in Tunisia in November 2005, when the United Nations decided to designate May 17 as Internet Day.

Therefore, on May 17, there are events and conferences held worldwide to promote the importance of (i) information and communication technology, and (ii) matters relating to the information society.

Cuatrecasas was the first law firm to incorporate social networks into its communication strategy. Our blogs are at the forefront in the sector and we have the highest number of followers.

Today we celebrate international Internet Day by reviewing our growth in the last year and highlighting milestones: we have over 13,000 followers on LinkedIn, we created an Instagram profile that already has over 850 followers, we unified our blogs on one platform and implemented the SEO project, which has helped increased the number of visits to our website by 141%.

Watch this video to hear about our digital presence:


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