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The Cuatrecasas Foundation recently launched the Manuel Olivencia Award for Good Corporate Governance, which will reward specific actions and conducts that reflect the importance of corporate governance and transparent management in companies as key factors in generating value sustainably. The award is named after the late Mr. Manuel Olivencia, a distinguished lawyer, professor of commercial law at the University of Seville and vice chair of Cuatrecasas, who died on January 1. This award aims to preserve and perpetuate his significant legal legacy and pay tribute to his professional and human career.

Companies interested in applying for the award can access the award rules for full details. Applications must be submitted by July 9. Applications showing the good corporate governance work of companies listed in Spain will be accepted and selected until that date.

The panel will evaluate the applications and identify specific actions and practices that reflect adequate and transparent management in listed companies, which is a critical factor in sustaining value generation.

Find out more about the award here.

This post is also available in: Español


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