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Cuatrecasas is a leading law firm present in over 13 countries. We represent several of the largest international companies, advising them on their investments in the major markets in which they operate. We advise on all areas of business law.


Over 1000 lawyers advise on all areas of business law in jurisdictions where the firm is present.


Our head offices are located in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. We have 16 offices covering the Iberian Peninsula and 11 offices in the main financial centers of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.


Through 20 practice areas and 15 sectoral groups, we advise on all areas of business law. We offer high-quality legal services in all areas.


We strive to offer our clients an efficient and flexible advisory service by being innovative when managing our resources, improving internal processes and developing new products and services.


We offer global coverage through our desks and country-specific groups and thanks to our relationship with the leading law firms in each jurisdiction, particularly in continental Europe and Latin America.


For years, we have been advising several major international companies with interests in different continents. We have extensive experience in providing top-quality advice in all specialties, both for recurring matters and transactions.

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In this blog, Cuatrecasas lawyers analyze and explain current hot topics in the legal world. Also, the blog has four specific sections, covering intellectual property law, EU law and competition, employment law, and sports and entertainment law.

Cuatrecasas has a team of highly specialized lawyers with extensive experience in providing top-quality legal services in intellectual and industrial property matters; image rights; new technologies and ecommerce; data protection; advertising and the media, and gaming law.

Highly regarded on the market, the team includes experts in pharmaceuticals, franchises and consumer products and we advises leading companies on intellectual property and new technologies. We have been involved in high-profile transactions and complex litigation and regulatory matters carried out in Spain in recent years.

Our lawyers provide clients with optimal solutions to protect their works, drafting and negotiating contracts for copyright and other ancillary rights, and acting in infringement and other litigation proceedings relating to the protection of all those rights. We also have extensive experience in industrial property contract and litigation areas, including trademarks, inventions and patents, utility models, know-how and designs, as well as domain names.

We provide contractual and procedural advisory services for technology agreements (including software licenses, IT projects and outsourcing). We also have broad experience in (i) providing comprehensive legal services to companies operating online (such as content portals, online stores, purchasing groups and social networks), (ii) advising on drafting agreements required for carrying out activities, and (iii) guaranteeing compliance with the numerous regulations applicable to this sector.

We advise Spanish and international companies on data protection, providing services ranging from legal analysis of domestic and international data flows in complex structures, to personal data collection and processing procedures, and their regulatory implications. We conduct data protection audits, draft and negotiate international data transfer agreements, and represent clients in administrative proceedings (before data protection agencies) and court proceedings.

We have extensive experience providing specialist advice to the audiovisual sector, offering production, distribution and media entities a wide range of legal services, ranging from legal protection of audiovisual works, digital content and entertainment, to drafting and negotiating all kinds of agreements relating to the creation and use of audiovisual content.

Regarding film production, the firm’s practice areas (including the tax practice) work together to provide comprehensive advice at all production stages, as well as at the film’s financing stage, and on commercial and contractual issues.

We advise clients on all legal matters relating to marketing and advertising, including (i) analyzing advertising material and checking compliance with the advertising, consumer and unfair competition regulations applicable according to the advertising products and services offered, the target audience and the media used; and (ii) general promotion and random combinations for advertising purposes. We also draft and negotiate all kinds of agreements in this area (such as advertising distribution and creation of advertising materials), and represent clients in advertising disputes before self-regulating bodies (including the Jurado de la Publicidad de Autocontrol —Autocontrol’s Complaints Committee) and in court and arbitration proceedings.

Our lawyers advise on all matters affecting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ day-to-day activities, from patents, trademarks and unfair competition, to intellectual property rights and know-how, such as licensing and joint development agreements. They advise on corporate, commercial and contractual matters (including transactions to buy products and transfer dossiers; agreements on clinical trials; and manufacturing, distribution and storage contracts). They also advise on issues relating to setting up activities, obtaining marketing authorizations, establishing prices and refunds by the public authorities, and all issues concerning manufacturing, promoting, commercializing and selling products, as well as representing and defending clients in litigation with the public authorities and all other types of proceedings.

Defense of competition is a priority for all authorities and companies, whether at EU, national or regional level. The Cuatrecasas Competition and EU Law Practice advises on all areas of competition and EU law, including designing and implementing preventive practices, representing clients in sanction proceedings (both administrative and jurisdictional), and assessing and notifying of mergers, and state aid.

We have extensive experience in markets highly regulated by the European Union, (e.g., life sciences, energy, telecommunications, banking and insurance, food and beverage), matters relating to the internal market and lawsuits in the European courts.

We place priority on the practical aspects of matters, based on our in-depth knowledge of how our clients operate.

Our Labor and Employment Practice is present in 18 countries worldwide, including Spain, Portugal and France. The lawyers in our practice have solid experience in labor law and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses. They also continue to receive further training thanks to our investment in a knowledge management center. Our client care philosophy ensures that clients’ needs are always met and as quickly as possible.

We provide clients (both companies and senior management) with multiple services, from strategic employment planning to hiring policies and downsizing plans. We also provide the specific treatment senior management requires, setting out systems for making working conditions flexible, advising on collective and company agreements, and carrying out employment due diligence, particularly in relation to buying companies. We specialize in and are acknowledged on the market for representing clients in relation to (i) inspections by labor authorities, and (ii) collective and labor disputes in the labor courts.

Our permanent access to the expertise of lawyers from other practice areas, such as our Tax Practice and Corporate and Commercial Practice, which is essential to make our advisory services complete, gives us a competitive edge.


We have created this blog to connect our knowledge with new technologies, particularly social media. We aim to (i) disclose concise and analyzed information concerning updates on legislation and case law in our specialty area, and (ii) publish the latest news relating to companies and labor relations. We understand that our readers have limited time to keep up to date with legal developments.

This blog is intended for in-house lawyers, human resources directors and any labor lawyers wanting to keep up to date with developments in labor law from a practical and business-oriented perspective.

Using the firm’s IT platform, blog entries will be published on the main social media platforms. If you have comments, please send them to:

We hope that you will enjoy the blog and its content as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We advise elite athletes particularly football players, racing drivers, tennis players and jockeys, as well as trainers and technical support teams on (i) tax planning, international taxation and optimizing financial structures; (ii) drafting and terminating contracts; (iii) managing, operating and protecting their image and privacy rights; and (iv) managing advertising and sponsorship agreements. We represent clients in all types of litigation and arbitration proceedings.

We advise sports clubs, particularly football clubs and public limited sports companies on corporate matters, including (i) buying and selling shares or carrying out capital increases; (ii) corporate and debt financing; and (iii) tax, insolvency and urban planning matters. We also advise clients on the tax, labor and intellectual property aspects of drafting all kinds of contracts, whether with players and technical staff or for television and sponsorships. We represent our clients in civil and contractual proceedings, particularly all kinds of national and international sports clubs on claims relating to the solidarity mechanism and transfers.

We are the leading law firm advising on racing in Spain, and one of the most important law firms internationally both for car and motorcycle racing. We advise drivers, motor-racing teams, sponsors and organizers of all kinds of racing events (Formula 1, Formula E, MotoGP World Championship, Superbikes) on tax matters, particularly international taxation matters, intellectual property and image rights, and drafting contracts.

We have a multidisciplinary team specializing in equestrian law, offering tailormade advice to companies, jockeys, horse breeders and owners, equine therapy centers and racecourse managers. The team advises on tax and intellectual property matters in relation to image rights and sponsorships; commercial matters and life sciences in relation to buying and selling competition horses; financing, urban planning and real estate matters in relation to developing sports centers; and tax and the management of large estates.

We advise sports events sponsors and organizers on commercial, contractual, tax, labor and intellectual property matters, covering areas such as defending the image of commercial brands, television broadcasting rights and negotiating with the public authorities.
We advise associations, federations and sports bodies, including the public authorities, on commercial, tax and administrative matters, and on all kinds of court and arbitration proceedings.

Cuatrecasas has a highly specialized team with extensive experience in providing the best legal counsel on capital markets. Our team, one of the most experienced on the market, is made up of experts in initial and secondary public offerings, subscription of securities, takeover bids, general public M&A and listed company transactions. We also advise on corporate governance issues, corporate disputes (shareholder activism), market abuse and transparency obligations of listed companies in the stock exchanges and the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.

Our practical vision of the cases is based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, of the market our clients operate in and of usual practices in these matters.

We have created this blog to share our knowledge with the digital society. Through the blog we aim to inform, in a brief and explanatory style, about regulatory updates, cases and experiences regarding our specialty, and current news linked to the capital markets. At the same time, we understand that operators and investors have limited time to keep up to date with legal developments.

This post is also available in: Español