VAT refund

China cancelled export VAT refund for a wide range of iron and steel products

Posted on 20 May, 2021
The Chinese government recently issued a notice (Notice No. 16/2021) to cancel the export VAT refund for 146 types of iron and steel products categorized by the HS codes.
tarjetas de crédito

Storing credit card data. European Data Protection Board recommendations

Posted on 16 June, 2021
The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) recently published recommendations 02/2021 on the legal basis for the storage of credit card data, in line with the strategy established by the EDPB discussed in this blog post
directiva ENC+

Spain transposes the ECN+ Directive

Posted on 10 May, 2021
On April 28, 2021, Spain passed Royal Decree-Law 7/2021 (“RD-L 7/2021”) transposing Directive (EU) 2019/1, of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 11, 2018, to empower the competition authorities of the Member States to be more effective enforcers and to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market (the “ECN+ Directive”). RD-L 7/2021 modifies various
accidente grave

Are we ready to deal with a serious or very serious accident in our company?

Posted on 18 June, 2021
As the saying goes, we learn from experience, but when it comes to workplace accidents, experience can prove very costly for companies and executives or managers, and not just in financial terms. This is because a serious or very serious accident can bring criminal liability and cause administrative, social security, labor, civil and reputational headaches

Restructuring thermometer

Posted on 14 June, 2021
Régimen fiscal

The tax regime for the Women’s Champions League final

Posted on 7 October, 2020
Two weeks ago, Royal Decree Law 28/2020, of September 22, on remote working was published in the Official Gazette of the Spanish State (BOE) and, in its additional provision six, included the tax regime for the “2020 UEFA Women’s Champions League” final, whose quarter-finals, semi-finals and final were held in San Sebastián and Bilbao in

SPAC regulation proposal

Posted on 1 July, 2021
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation published on May 5 the Securities Market and Investment Services Draft Bill (the “Draft Bill”) that, among other things, regulates SPACs in Spain.
loyalty shares

Loyalty shares and mandatory bids

Posted on 27 May, 2021